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You Don’t Have To Have A Green Thumb

I hear all the time in the Garden Center customers stating “I have a Brown Thumb and can’t grow anything”.  The message I convey to our customers is there are many similarities with plants and people.  If you have ever cared for a child you will see what I mean.

Keeping your landscape plants happy can happen with some basic common sense gardening skills.

1. Bringing up your child on the right path will find them success.

Everyone wants their child to grow up in an environment that is safe and allows them to develop into and outstanding citizens.  Plants need to have an environment that will allow them to grow.  A fertile soil rich in organic matter will allow the roots of the plant to become larger than life.  The more roots will open up opportunities for increased amounts of flowers, fruit and growth.  Typically during dry periods, more organic soil will increase the amount of water holding capacity in the soil preventing the roots from drying out as fast.

Location of the plant is very important, – Sun vs. Shade.  Understanding the size it will grow too and how to prune it properly.  These are all important factors in developing a beautiful landscape or as simple as a container garden.

2. Too much creates the need for more.

Most gardeners can affect plants if they spoil them with too much care.  Often I hear people saying they need to baby their plants.  Image if you were treating your 21 year old like a 3 year old.  At some point we need to cut the cord and let the plants have the ability to develop on their own.  Overwatering plants or over pruning causes the plants not to stay healthy.  Everything in life is in moderation and if you can balance that your plants will offer more potential.

3. Have fun and enjoy life.

There is nothing better than watching your family grow up.   You look back at the times you have spent with them and see how they develop.  Plants can offer similar values.  Working in the yard should be fun and enjoyable.   Plants offer many attributes such as fragrant flowers, protection from the wind or sun, cooling the ground and air and providing us food.

So if you have never done any gardening, what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to start that garden or landscape project you have been putting off.  Gardening is really simple and can be as easy as a few seeds in a container or a complete landscape planting.  To learn more benefits of gardening go to www.plantsometingMA.com.

Written by Jim Connolly, MCH, MCLP

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Keeping your landscape plants happy can happen with some basic common sense gardening skills.

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You Don’t Have To Have A Green Thumb

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