Over the past 99 years, Weston Nurseries has evolved in diverse and unexpected ways.

c. 1923 Weston Nurseries Founded
c. 1930 Weston Nurseries in Weston, Massachusetts
c. 1948 Introduction of the PJM Rhododendron
c. 1950 Weston Nurseries Production
c. 1950
c. 1951
c. 1955
c. 1957
c. 1971

Our History

Since 1923

Over the past 99 years Weston Nurseries has evolved in diverse and unexpected ways. We remain true to our commitment to providing the best selection of hardy landscape-sized plant material in our area along with accurate advice on what will work best for our customers. More recently, we have begun to focus on hard good products in order to meet the needs of today’s customers. Much of what we practice today derives directly from Peter J. Mezitt who founded Weston Nurseries and started growing landscape plants in Weston in 1923.

Born into a family of Latvian farmers in 1885, Peter fled conscription into the Russian army and worked his way across Europe, taking on landscaping and gardening jobs throughout Romania and Switzerland. In 1911 he saved enough money for passage to America, where he worked as an estate gardener and greenhouse night watchman to fund a college degree from UMass Amherst. In 1912 he married his wife Olga, who shared his love of plants, and together they spent the next decade using their horticultural knowledge for rooting understock and grafting fruit trees to sell to local orchards.

Peter and Olga had larger dreams, however. In 1923 they obtained financing to purchase 80 acres off of Winter Street in Weston, and on July 24 of that year they officially established Weston Nurseries. By 1930 they had 10 acres of nursery land, which quickly blossomed into 200 acres of full-scale production in the early 1940s.

One of the most pivotal events in the early history of Weston Nurseries was the introduction of the PJM Rhododendron in 1945. Peter’s son, Ed, developed the hardy hybrid and named it in honor of his father. The PJM is now known worldwide as one of the most beautiful and resilient rhododendrons, and graces many gardens in New England.

Ed Mezitt with PJM Rhododendrons

By 1950 the Mezitts had moved their homes and nursery facilities to the rolling hills and rural acreage of Hopkinton, where they expanded sales and production and continued to develop new plants. The garden center on Main Street was established, with its beautiful display gardens, abundant greenhouses, and the iconic green chimney featuring the white Weston Nurseries logo.

In the 1960’s, Peter’s grandsons Wayne and Roger joined the family business and continued to expand and innovate, purchasing adjoining land in Hopkinton until the nursery encompassed over 900 acres by the end of the 80’s.

In 2006, Wayne’s son Peter became President, and began the transition to a new business model more appropriate for the changing environment in the surrounding area.

Today, most of the plants sold by Weston are brought in from the best growing operations in the country. Our selection has expanded, quality has improved, and our retail and commercial customers are giving us high marks.

Weston Nurseries has three retail garden center locations: Hopkinton, Chelmsford and our newest location in Hingham. Weston Wholesale has four locations, including our brand new wholesale site in Middleborough. We offer a full line of landscape supplies to the trade. Our product line includes trees, shrubs, perennials, stone, seasonal color, tools, drainage products, hardscape materials, and bulk materials.

As we approach our 100th year in business, we are very proud of the recent accomplishments and improvements to our business. We are most grateful for the thousands of devoted employees who have participated in the growth and success of Weston Nurseries through the decades and have made our family business part of their lives.

Ed Mezitt with PJM Rhododendrons

Our People

Our remarkable staff works hard every day to ensure our customers are receiving the best products and service in the Green Industry. You can view contact information and search a staff member by location by clicking below.