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Top Drought Resistant Annuals



Annuals finish their entire growth cycle in one year, unlike perennials. Annuals are some of the most beautiful and lush flowers in your garden even though they bloom for one season. This list features the best performing and most beautiful of drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant annuals that will survive and even thrive in the hot summer months.

Moss Rose Flower Weston Nurseries

Moss Rose

Portulaca grandiflora Succulent greenery with ruffled flowers in many different hues.

Sweet Alyssum

Lobularia maritime Low mounding plant with small flowers in white, pink or lavender.


Many species Shade loving, grown for both interesting foliage and colorful flowers.

Dusty Miller 

Senecio cineraria Known for its silver gray foliage.

geranium flower


Pelargonium hortorum These well-known annuals come in a variety of colors.

Floss Flower

Ageratum houstonianum Soft, round fluffy flowers, most commonly blue.

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