Top 10 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid in Summer



1. Mowing the lawn too short (< 2.5”) or letting it get excessively long (>3.5”)

2. Applying herbicides and insecticides when air temperatures exceed 90 degrees F., especially any petroleum-based material.

3. Applying any pesticide without reading the label, including aerosols.

4. Watering the lawn frequently for short periods, or watering at night.

5. Going on extended vacation the week after any major planting project without an irrigation system, timers, drip hose, and/or a responsible adult to oversee plant care.

6. Ignoring signs of plant stress, especially yellowing that might signal moisture problems, but might also indicate insects or disease.

7. Trying to establish a new lawn from seed or even with sod unless there is access to a reliable water source.

8. Re-using a plastic pump sprayer for pest control in the vegetable garden that had previously been used for weed control on the driveway without triple rinsing.

9. Overwatering planting beds to the point of encouraging root rot, particularly affecting rhododendrons and azaleas.

10.Staying away from Garden Centers because summer is a “bad time” to plant. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! Plants planted properly and given the necessary follow-up care do very well when installed in July and August.

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