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Whether your entire property is shaded by magnificent, mature trees or only part of your yard is in shade, you can still have a gorgeous and lush perennial garden. Although hostas and ferns are stalwarts of the traditional shade garden, an abundance of other choices are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, textures and bloom times. Many native woodland plants perform well in shady conditions. 

Draft a day-and-season “sun map” to document the actual amount of sunlight that reaches the ground around your house and in sections of your yard.

  • Full sun areas receive full sunlight from morning to dusk
  • Partial shade: 3 to 6 hours of direct sun, or sunlight filtered through branches
  • Full shade is less than 3 hours sunlight
  • An area with no sunlight at all is considered deep shade

Afternoon sun is more intense than morning sunlight, and soil moisture may be affected by root competition from overhead trees. 

With a little planning, you can have an aesthetically pleasing garden, chock full of an amazing variety of plants that will thrive in the shady areas around your yard. 

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Flower Time

E- Early (April, May)

M- Midseason (June, July)

L- Late (August, September)

NF- Not Flowering

Soil Moisture

W- Roots tolerate wet soils

D- Roots tolerate dry soils

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