Patrick J. Goudreau



Q & A with Patrick J. Goudreau, Hopkinton Bulk Materials Yard Supervisor

Q.: What do you love about this business?
A.: I love the relationships I have with our customers and how much I learn every day in my career.

Q.: Why you work here (what you love about Weston Nurseries)?
A.: I work at Weston Nurseries because of how different each day can be. I also like the opportunity’s I have been given to excel in my career.

Q.: What do you want to accomplish?
A.: In the future, I would like to expand the Organics brand we have here at Weston Nurseries for both our retail and wholesale customers.

Q.: Favorite thing about nature?
A.: My favorite thing about nature is how diverse and ever-changing it is.

Q.: How are you going to make your mark?
A.: I already have a great local reputation, but I would like to make my mark in the organics community.

Q.: Is there a funny story you think about when you think about your job or the industry that you’d be willing to share?
A.: One year when I left for vacation my co-worker Chris watched the Bulk Yard for me. When I came back from my time off I decided to check what was dumped in the yard. The first scoop with the loader and I discovered literally a kitchen sink attached to the counter top. I thought it was amusing to watch Chris explain how he missed seeing such a big piece of trash. Needless to say Chris never watched the Bulk yard while I was on vacation again.

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