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Our 12 Most Popular Annuals



Our most popular annuals are a colorful assortment of plants that will make your container gardens and landscapes pop this year. Mix and match for stunning containers. Plant in your landscape for long lasting color. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Pink Angelonia Annuals, Weston Nurseries

These petite annual resemble snapdragons but are long blooming. Use them in flower beds or containers. Attracts pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds. At least 6 hours of full sun needed for continuous blooming. Will tolerate short periods of drought; water when top of soil feels dry. Fertilize monthly.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Red and Yellow Begonia Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Great for mass planting in beds or for use in containers. Typically, low growing, mounded shape with succulent stems, dark green or bronze waxy leaves, and loose clusters of flowers in red, pink, or white. Prefers filtered sunlight and to be kept evenly moist. Fertilize monthly.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Zone 6, Pink Calibrachoa Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Resembles a tiny petunia, available in a rainbow variety of colors, solids, stripes, patterns, and double blooms. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Trailing growth habit works well in containers and hanging baskets. Prefers full sun but can tolerate part shade. Water when surface of soil feels dry. Fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Zone 6, Coleus Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Annual foliage plant that varies wildly in leaf shape and color, depending on cultivar selected. Classically a shade plant, newer cultivars may display their best color with more sun. Often used as an annual bedding plant or in outdoor container gardens and baskets. Soil should be consistently moist but not soggy. Typically, does not require fertilizer.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Zone 6, Pink Geranium (Pelargonium) Annuals, Weston Nurseries
Geranium (Pelargonium)

These classic annuals are favorites in containers and hanging baskets but can also work as bedding plants. They are available in many colors, including bicolor varieties. Bloom best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Relatively drought tolerant, fertilize monthly. To encourage blooming, deadhead spent flowers regularly.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Lantana Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Colorful flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and insect pollinators. They come in both upright and trailing varieties, and all are drought tolerant and prefer full sun. Available in many colors -purple, red, pink, orange, yellow and white. Water regularly; do not allow it to dry out. Fertilizer not required.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Licorice Vine Annuals, Weston Nurseries
Licorice Vine

This trailing vine is great for hanging planters and containers. The silvery gray color of the young leaves provides a lovely contrast. Variegated varieties also available. Grows well in full sun to part shade.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Purple Lobelia Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Low growing, tender perennial that is treated as an annual in New England. Blooms all summer into fall. Blue, lilac-pink, purple, white, cherry-red varieties are available. Can be used as a bedding plant, in rock gardens and containers. Grows in full sun to part shade. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Pink New Guinea Impatiens Annuals are great for container gardens, Weston Nurseries
New Guinea Impatiens

Great for mass planting in beds as they will grow quickly. Also terrific in containers. Available in many colors. Thrives in light shade but will tolerate some sun. Keep well-watered.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Pink Petunia Annuals, Weston Nurseries

Available in every color except true blue, petunias will grow quickly in your garden, containers, and hanging baskets. While they will tolerate partial shade, petunias bloom most profusely with full sun. Deadheading is recommended to maximize blooming. Water weekly, fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks.

Most Popular Annual Flowers in Massachusetts, Green and Purple Sweet Potato Vine Annuals are great for container gardens, Weston Nurseries
Sweet Potato Vine

A classic trailing plant for container gardening, these vines come in a variety of foliage colors from nearly purple black to chartreuse. They are typically exuberant growers so may need to be pruned back to keep in check. Foliage colors most vibrant in full sun but will tolerate part shade. Drought tolerant.

Weston Nurseries has annuals that are great for container gardens and add a pop of color to your landscape

Annual verbenas are typically hybrids and come in a variety of colors, often displaying stripes and streaks of colors on the petals. Some varieties are trailing in growth habit making them great spilling out of containers and other varieties are more upright. Prefer full sun and can tolerate short periods of drought. Fertilize monthly.

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