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Moles and Voles



Yesterday your lawn looked great, but today you woke up to a lawn with raised mounds and tunnels throughout.  The tunnels make mowing difficult and just won’t go away.  You think you may have moles in your lawn…what should you do?

Bonide’s MoleMax is a specially formulated repellent that will rid your lawn of damaging moles quickly and effectively.  Formulated using castor oil, MoleMax repels through the animal’s sense of touch, smell, and taste.  It works 3 ways to make moles and other lawn damaging animals including voles, skunks, and chipmunks leave the treated area.  Regular applications will keep the nuisance animals from returning and minimize lawn damage.

One common misconception about mole control is that if your lawn has grubs in it, eliminating the grubs will eliminate the mole problem.  In reality, 80% of a mole’s diet is earthworms.  While eliminating grubs is a good thing for lawns, it does not guarantee that moles will also go away.

Voles are rodents which feed on plant materials.  They are often confused with moles, but their damage is usually to the bark of trees and shrubs as well as to perennial bulbs like crocus, daffodils and tulips.  MoleMax is also very effective at controlling voles in a lawn or garden.

A benefit for all gardeners is that MoleMax is an all natural product.  It does not harm animals;  it simply makes them go away.  Pets, children and other animals are safe when you use MoleMax Mole and Vole Repellent.

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