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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Mother’s Day is tomorrow! No worries- we have you covered. Come in to one of our garden centers for the perfect last minute gift.

Red hummingbird feeder and nectar
Hummingbird Feeder and Nectar

Give your Mom everything she needs to attract these miniature mercurial jewels to her garden.

Basket of gardening tools for Mother's Day, Weston Nurseries
Basket of Gardening Tools

A selection of beautiful, high-quality tools, gardening gloves, and hand lotion make gardening chores a pleasure. Let us help you choose the perfect assortment.

Red rose plant Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries
Rose Plant and Espoma Organic Rose-tone

Choose a special rose plant for your Mom along with a bag of Rose-tone to make sure that the gorgeous plant gets a good start, stays healthy, and blooms profusely for years to come.

Orange Ornamental Japanese Maple Tree, Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries
Ornamental Japanese Maple

These special trees provide a one-of-a-kind sculptural statement in any landscape. Make your Mom’s yard truly special. Tamukeyama, Crimson Queen and Waterfall varieties make quite a splash with their beautiful filigreed leaves and stunning fall colors.

European plum fruit tree, Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries
Fruit Tree

Peach, sour cherry and European plum trees make wonderful gifts as any one of them can be planted individually without a companion pollinator. This is a gift that keeps on giving year after year!

Hanging flower baskets with pink and red annuals, Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries
Hanging Basket of Annuals and Watering Can

Choose one of our fabulous arrangements of hanging annuals to brighten up your Mom’s porch or patio. Make sure she has the perfect watering can to keep her plants well-watered all summer long.

Container garden of pink and white annual flowers, Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries
Container Garden of Annuals and Watering Can

We have a large selection of container gardens that would delight any mother. A beautiful watering can will make the care of her container garden a true pleasure.

Pink orchids, Mother's Day gift, Weston Nurseries

Orchid plant and Orchid Food

Stop into our greenhouse and choose a magnificent orchid plant. One of our staff would be happy to help you select a gorgeous pot and appropriate food to keep that orchid growing and blooming for years to come.

Lemon, Meyer lemon, Lime and Calamondin outdoor citrus plants, Mother's Day gifts, Weston Nurseries
Citrus Plant

We have a selection of citrus plants that will be sure to delight your Mom and will grace her outdoor space all summer and provide enjoyment indoors during the winter months. Choose from lemon, Meyer lemon, lime or calamondin.

Weston Nurseries gift card
Weston Nurseries Gift Card

What could be easier than a gift card? Give your Mom the opportunity to choose something special for herself.

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