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Lasagna Gardening in 5 Easy Steps



By Meghan Shinn
Horticulture Magazine

Already dreaming of expanding your garden next spring? Lasagna gardening can help you get a head start by preparing a new planting area where you currently have lawn. The lasagna gardening method is also sometimes referred to as sheet composting. Here are the basic steps to follow for lasagna gardening success:

1. Mark off the shape of the new or expanded bed with spray paint or edging.

2. In late fall, cover the grass within that area with a layer of thin cardboard, brown paper bags or a few sheets of newspaper. Wet the layer well.

3. Cover the cardboard or paper with a generous heaping of compost, shredded leaves or a combination of both. Water this layer well, which will help it stick. If you’re still mowing other areas of lawn, you can add the grass clippings and additional shredded fallen leaves as the season progresses. 

4. Wait over the winter. Dream, plan, order plants, start seeds.

5. At spring planting time, you should be able to simply dig right into your new planting area. There’s no need to remove the layers; just plant through them.

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