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Weston Nurseries is offering an opportunity that’s truly unique: full-size rhododendrons that instantly create that “mature garden” effect in your yard. This is your chance to find an unsurpassed collection of new and unusual rhododendron cultivars that are rarely (if ever) offered for sale anywhere.

Bred locally by Joe Bruso, an accredited rhododendron expert, these plants have been tested for decades and proven to thrive in this area. All are Hopkinton-grown and freshly prepared for relocating into your garden.

While all plants have one or more photos as well as a description, in-person viewing will provide a better appreciation of each. The plants can be viewed in person by appointment through September 7, at which time questions can be answered. For an appointment, please contact Joe at jpbruso@aol.com.

Bidding is now open. Ends on September 19, 2022 at midnight.

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