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Have you always wanted to compost but didn’t know how to start? Have you felt frustrated throwing out food scraps, knowing there are better ways to deal with food waste? If so, this workshop is for you. Learn the many ways you can take food scraps out of the waste stream and turn them into a healthy soil amendment for your garden. We will demonstrate the many ways to compost, how to use compost and what to expect along the way.

Cost: $20

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About Monique Bosch

Monique has built over 40 edible school and community gardens and farms around the Northeast, including a 2-acre urban farm in Bridgeport CT. These days she works as a Soil Health Lead for CT NOFA. In addition, she teaches ‘how to grow your own food’ and runs a worm composting business with her son Justin. She studied ‘The Soil Food Web’ under Dr. Elaine Ingham, and teaches microscopy and soil health to farmers and organizations. Through microscopy and test trials, Monique explores the relationship between living soil and healthy, nutritious food.