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Enhancing Your Yard With Hardscapes



When we get those perfect New England summer days, we can’t let them go to waste! We want to spend time outside with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, a pool, and a barbeque. Hardscapes can be unique additions to your outdoor space and can enhance your yard in many ways.

1. Extend your Living Space

A patio can create more living space, especially for holiday parties and summer cookouts! With hardscapes, you can create a transition area from your house to your backyard.
Surround your porch with string lights and decorate with your favorite greenery—you’ll never want to go inside! 

2. Perfect your Pool Deck

A pool is only as fun and beautiful as the area surrounding it. Stones and pavers come in many different sizes and colors, which allow you to tailor your deck to your design preferences. With a reliable and unique deck to accompany your pool ground, you can relax all summer long by the poolside. 

3. Beautify your Walkway

There’s no need to hide hardscapes behind your house! Walkways and driveways can be one-of-a-kind designs that lead right up to your door. There are many styles that can brighten up the front of your house for a charming entrance. Bring back a classic New England style or go bold with a modern design! 

4. Raise your Property Value

The addition of a hardscape will not only beautify your home but will also increase your property value! This Techo-Bloc article explains how updating your landscape can raise your property value up to 11 percent. Additionally, the article cites that deck installations can recoup more of its cost than bathroom and kitchen renovations. A hardscape project could be exactly what your home needs!

5. Define your space

Looking to add some definition to your space? Work with your needs and landscape to decide what’s best! You can enclose an area of your yard to keep your pets and children safe; add some steps down to your pool or garden area; or line a firepit and seating area. 

6. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Set up a grill and some outdoor furniture on your patio, and you’ve got perfect space for hosting friends and family. With an outdoor grill or brick oven, you can prepare your meal without leaving your guests or family. You won’t have to run back into the kitchen if your kitchen is outside!

7. Create Privacy

Create the peaceful yard you’ve always wanted. Walls and steps can add privacy and comfort to your space. For additional privacy, cover your seating area with a canopy or pergola. Let the serenity of nature do its part in keeping your privacy with vines and hedges.

8. Show off your landscape

Show off your landscape with designs that highlight your greenery. Hardscapes can enrich your surroundings and help your landscape stand out. You can make a path for an easy walk through the garden; line flowerbeds with stone edging to display your annuals; and much more!

9. Incorporate nature

Another way of showing off landscape is designing your hardscape to incorporate the natural landscape of your space. Feature a pond or stream for a calm, peaceful addition to your garden—and while you’re at it, you can even add some wildlife!

10. Express your style

All in all, hardscapes look best when they show off your style. Whether you want to match the style of your house or create a totally different look, you can use hardscapes to build your new favorite space. Choose from many shapes, styles, textures, and colors that will create a unique look. To finish off your design, add outdoor furniture and décor that makes the space just like home!

These countless benefits are great reasons to start your outdoor living space! Weston Nurseries offers manufactured stone and pavers from Techo-Bloc and Ideal, as well as natural stone from Everlast, providing you a selection of the best material to start your transformation. Visit our garden centers to get help with planning and designing your new space today!

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